Monday, January 03, 2005

'Ein volk, ein Reich, ein fuhrer'

Recently, Al Neuharth, former publisher of and current columnist for USA Today, made some rather non-radical suggestions that it was important to bring the troops home from Iraq as soon as possible. In this current climate of non-partisan love and sharing, his words were received with joy and appreciation for his willingness to discuss the issue in an opinion piece. Greg Mitchell at Editor and Publisher shares some of the reasoned responses. My favorite:
Peter Kessler: “And as for the good war, WW II, the lefties were four-square for that one. Yes sir, they were saving the USSR, Stalin and Communism. It's sad we didn't join Hitler until he wiped out the USSR. Alger Hiss and the Uptown Daily Worker (The New York Times) be damned. I see you've joined the club. Well, you're probably a founding member.”

Yup, should have let those Nazis finish off the Commies before we finished off them Nazis. Maybe allied with old Adolf and done to him what he done to Uncle Joe. Moral equivalence rears its ugly head. Please click on the post heading link for more.
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