Monday, June 27, 2005

Batman Begins: Best... Batman...EVER

I have now seen Batman Begins twice, and the second viewing was as good as the first. I thought I would post a review, because, well, I can. :) Note: Spoilers will be included and written in white, so highlight if you want to read them!
  • First of all, I thought this Batman was most true to the origin and the character, at least the one that I grew up with. Joe Chill and his links to the mob, and (SPOILER) the implication that the Wayne murders were a mob hit (END SPOILER) was true to the comic origin of Batman.
  • Ra's al Ghul was well played, and while I think it was silly that they changed the League of Assassins to the League of Shadows, the film character was a pretty good interpretation of the comic villian, right up to the (SPOILER) wanting Bruce Wayne to follow in his footsteps. (END SPOILER) No daughter for Ra's in the film, though! Perhaps good for Ra's, as in the comic, one of his two semi-immortal offspring kills him, in part to abandoning her during the Holocaust (part of his overall plan, we later learn).
  • I thought that Gary Oldman did a fantastic Sgt./Lt. Gordon. I wonder, in the scene where he is taking out the trash, did we see a brief glimpse of his (superheroic but eventually tragic) niece?
  • I hated the Batmobile. A bit too Dark Knight Returns for me.
  • The cameo appearance of the Batman serial killer, Mr. Zsasz, who marks his totals on his own body. Note the scars on his neck.
  • Michael Caine as Alfred: fantastic.
  • Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, was in the film just enough, and quite true to the comic!
  • I thought the slight alteration to the role of bats in the life and mind of Bruce was acceptable.
  • The interesting development of the Bat Signal.
  • The way they discussed the potential escalation of the criminal element in manner and method thanks to the appearance of the Batman was well done and quite on point.
  • Hmmm...the film closes with Gordon mentioning to Batman that they have a new criminal, a double murderer and bank robber who (SPOILER) leaves a rather interesting calling 'card' behind. (END SPOILER). Has me excited for the next film!

All in all, I enjoyed it quite a bit. As a huge DC buff, I hope that the new Superman film lives up to the standards of Batman Begins. I also hope my wife lets me start buying my comics again!

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