Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Harry Potter: A Tool of Satan

Pope Benedict XVI, with nothing really pressing in the Catholic world, does his best to speak out about the evil that is Harry Potter. Check out this link to lifesite to find scanned images of his letters to Gabriele Kuby, a German critic of the Potter novels who believes that they lead one away from Christ and are seductively and subtly evil. According to Michael O'Brien, the Harry Potter novels are part of a new front of spiritual warfare in the 21st century.
"This discernment on the part of Benedict XVI reveals the Holy Father's depth and wide ranging gifts of spiritual discernment." O'Brien, author of a book dealing with fantasy literature for children added, "it is consistent with many of the statements he's been making since his election to the Chair of Peter, indeed for the past 20 years - a probing accurate read of the massing spiritual warfare that is moving to a new level of struggle in western civilization. He is a man in whom a prodigious intellect is integrated with great spiritual gifts. He is the father of the universal church and we would do well to listen to him."

I am pretty sure that the Church is responsible itself for more important contributors to Lucifer; the molestation coverup (abetted by Ratzinger/Benedict himself) comes to mind.
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