Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Manny Wants Out

According to this CNN SI article, Manny Ramirez, who approaches demi-God status in Boston, wants out. I haven't been able to read the whole thing (Premium subscription crap), but he is unhappy living in Boston. Geez. What the hell. The man never has to buy food, drink, clothes, automobiles, or anything else as long as he is alive in Boston, thanks to the glorious 2004 season. And he wants out?????
On a positive note, the Sox pulled one out against the fearsome D-Rays tonight. Still in first. How?? I'm taking my nephew to see them play again Wednesday. I hope the Sox win. For my sanity's sake, and for my little nephew's own safety, cause otherwise it's an angry drive back to my sister's house.
Let's hope Matt Clement is okay!
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