Friday, November 04, 2005

Cervical Cancer: God's Justice on the Hussy

Reason magazine's science correspondent, Ron Bailey, has a great article up on the effort of the FDA and certain social conservative groups to regulate not only drugs, but morality. Recently, it was announced that researchers had discovered and produced a vaccine for HPV, a virus that causes cervical cancer. Some, however, have argued that this vaccine is, basically, a tool of Satan, and could encourage promiscuous sex, so should not be given approval. Horrors! Bailey's response? (emphasis mine)

Federal agencies must reject the logic of values regulations. The FDA should stick to regulating medications solely on the basis of their quality, safety and efficacy—if even that. Bureaucrats should not be deciding whether or not people should be having sex, with whom they should be having sex, or what type of sex they should be having. If a medicine makes it safer to engage in an activity of which some people disapprove, so what? If anyone must be punished for putting his or her genitalia where other people think they shouldn’t, then leave that regulatory decision up to God—or whatever agency is in charge of morals enforcement in the hereafter.
I couldn't put it any better. As Bailey argues, why pursue a cure or treatment for HIV then? Surely THAT is a punishment from our angry God as well? I wonder when the theocracy begins. Just kidding. Really.
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