Monday, January 10, 2005

'Holy Mother Church?'

One of the issues that I have dealt with in my life is, well, not a loss of my Catholic faith but a doubt. Really, since I left my hometown and moved down here to Florida, I think I have only attended one or two Catholic Masses. And yet, my identity as a Catholic, who I am, remains important to me. I guess I am a 'cafeteria' Catholic, but I accept that. And I accept that maybe I am going to Hell for my doubt (and for marrying a Presbyterian; hi hon!), but I still love and honor and admire the Pope and have faith in an Ultimate Arbiter. And I mourn for the Church that I have, I guess, abandoned. This column in my hometown paper states emotionally and eloquently the impact that closing the churches is having on the Catholic community in the Bay State. From columnist Joe Dwinell in the Milford Daily News:

"Those holding vigils, or trying to in the case of the South Natick church, are not the "disgruntled protesters" you accuse them of being. They are just showing a human emotion over the loss of a place they have turned to for reflection and rejuvenation.
That's the secret of church. I love words and having an hour every week to listen intently to the greatest story every told, as the saying goes, is a blessing. If you do it enough times, you come to enjoy the surroundings and make a place of old wood, old glass and old beliefs seem new every week.
Lately it has been difficult to return to that place. The Catholic church should be all about children and making their lives more meaningful, that's why the stories of abuse have hit the faithful so hard.
The "me, me" society you accuse many of dwelling in is actually the total opposite of the true nature now being shown in the vigils taking place. Catholics are speaking out. It's not complicated. It's not insulting. It's exactly what we've been told to do for years on end.
Do the very best you can to give our modern society a benevolent side. That's the mission of the church. "

Well said.
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