Tuesday, January 18, 2005

'Katie, Eva, Same Difference'

Atrios on Katie Couric potentially becoming the new anchor at CBS (highlight mine):

"Aside from the fact that she's etirely unsuitable for the job, it's clear that in terms of public relations CBS hasn't got a clue. In the pantheon of network TV news people who the Right considers to be "evil librulz," Dan Rather is #1 and Katie Couric is #2. Now, this belief has no basis in fact, but nonetheless if they were to hire her they could look forward to more years of being bashed for librul bias."

One need only refer to Ann Coulter's reference toward Couric as the 'affable Eva Braun' of the left to understand what he is talking about. Hell, if they are going to attcak for liberal bias, why not give them an honest-to-God liberal? James Carville for Anchor! OOOOOOOOOO. BILL CLINTON!!! Watch the freepers explode at that one! I like it!
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