Saturday, March 05, 2005

'Damn that Gay Agenda, Wanting to Serve the Country!

Florida Blues links to a Boston Globe article by Rick Klein on a bill to end the 'Don't ask, Don't tell' policy in the military. A key 'graph:
"The measure's sponsors argue that national security demands that gay and lesbian
soldiers be allowed to serve. A Government Accountability Office study released
Friday found that more than 750 service members in jobs considered crucial in
combating terrorism - including linguists and intelligence specialists - were
among the nearly 10,000 who have been dismissed from the armed forces for being
gay, lesbian, or bisexual under the policy."The policy is a proven failure,"
said Representative Martin T. Meehan, a Lowell Democrat who is the bill's lead
sponsor. "In a time of war, it's outrageous that the military continues to
discharge thousands of experienced, courageous, dedicated service members, with
many of the critical skills that are needed in the war on terror, for reasons
that have nothing to do with their conduct in uniform.""

I find it really ridiculous that we would deny anyone the opportunity to serve, especially in light of the demand for quality analysts, translators, and intelligence officers. It makes no sense, and reflects the ongoing obsession with sex that we seem to have in this country. When I was in the military, most people were more concerned about when the tempo would go down and whether or not the commander would throw another 7 am kegger to celebrate a job well done. I really don't think most members of the AGS would have cared if someone was gay; hell, it meant the job got done quicker and we could go in and watch TV instead of freezing on top of a freaking airplane at 3 am!
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