Monday, February 28, 2005

Defining Evil Down..

Nick Gillepsie over at Hit and Run (my favorite libertarian blog!) has a quick, nasty, and spot on post about His Holiness, who I love and admire, calling gay marriage a manifestation of an "ideology of evil."
An excerpt of Nick's post:

"Please. If it's evil to enter into a committed relationship--and to adopt and raise children--the pope's whole "culture of death" rap strikes me as incoherent and morally opaque at best. Granted, I say this as a recovering Catholic."

So true. It saddens me that my ancestral Church struggles so with this issue. Of course, it is not the only one to do so, but it IS the only one with major sex scandals that may have been caused in part by an antiquated and really pointless prohibition against priestly marriage, which greatly
shrinks the pool of possible priests. The Catholic Church's views on sex really are causing it problems.
In any case, how one could compare the evils of the Holocaust with loving, committed relationships between two human beings is beyond me.
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