Wednesday, April 06, 2005

On Liberal Bias

A letter to the editor from the Gainesville Sun, reacting to the Washington Post account of a study demonstrating so-called 'liberal bias' in academy. It raises the question, really, of who watches the watchers...An excerpt:
oward Kurtz's article on the "liberal bias" in academia ignores a few important facts about the study.

First, the study appears in the March issue of the Forum, an online political science journal funded by the Randolph Foundation, a right-wing group that has given grants to such ultra-conservative organizations as the Independent Women's
Forum and Americans for Tax Reform.

The leading researcher of the study, Robert Lichter of George Mason University, used to work for the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute and has a long history of calling things "liberally biased."

About the only thing missing from the study, apparently, was the perspective of Brent Bozell!
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