Thursday, March 31, 2005

Storming the Bastille

Posted without comment. Please forgive the formatting. Discovered through a great blog, Roachblog. He has an interesting message from a National Guard member as well. Read him.
"Excerpts from Norm Olson's e-mails, in chronological order, to southern
militias as he prepared a plan to organize a mass confrontation with Florida
state law enforcement with a goal of removing Terri Schiavo from the hospice
where she is dying to a safe house:
Wednesday, March 23:
"Are there militia in Florida who are willing to go rescue Terri?"How about Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana?"I've got some very angry Michigan militia folks
chomping at the bit ...""Shall we save Terri Schiavo?"The Courts say NO"The Law
Makers say NO"The Executives say NO"It's time for us to say: 'Let's Roll!'
Thursday, March 24:"Florida Militia: Please contact me. We're going to need
several hundred willing to storm the building. I suspect that hundreds of
'civilians' may go with us. There is very little time, but I've got people ready
to roll tonight.""Failure is very probable, but not to try is to fail
already.""Too small of a force will mean total failure. It is a 'Bridge Too Far'
but with enough people it may work."It isn't a commando raid or sneak attack. It
is a mass saturation of people able to overwhelm the minimal forces there at
this time.""A large scale military assault need not be bloody. As much as we
might like to, care must be taken to avoid inflicting injury on the bad guys.
"Sunday, March 27:"I would ask Mr. and Mrs. Schindler to make the following
statement:'We have said that we do not want civil disobedience to save Terri's
life. But time is nearly gone. We are asking that the militia and concerned
citizens intervene immediately, doing WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to save our
daughter." (emphasis in the original)"I'm at a total loss as to what to do.
Unless the parents ask for our help, we would be walking into a disaster... I
can imagine that the pacifists (spineless Christians and others) would actually
oppose OUR effort to save Terri, saying that civil disobedience is against God's
Will...""Without the Schlinders' clear and decisive call to the militia, we
would be faced with civilians who would oppose us for resorting to civil
disobedience to free Terri. As much as I would want to try, it is a mission
impossible. There is just no workable plan."
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