Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Your Friendly Neighborhood Theocrats

The dominionists over at Little Geneva continue to demonstrate what charming individuals they are. A sample of the most recent posts, word for word (PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT MY OWN THOUGHTS):
  • The Jews get a taste of their own medicine as heroic Russians consider charging THEM with incitement. "Jerusalem sources following the affair said this is the first time since Stalin’s regime that Russian officials have described holy Jewish scriptures as prohibited incitement." (ed note: I blogged about this issue here).
  • Jew Spielberg has signed his name to a piece of propaganda called "Into the West" that will air on the TNT channel of Jewish Fable Machines. As we all know, approving of - or better yet, participating in - interracial marriage is the only way to prove that you are not a racist, and you get bonus points for producing ugly children.
  • Well, there’s history, and there’s JewTV, and never the twain shall meet. The trouble is that young imbeciles (too many of whom are Christians) think they are one and the same. Those of us who dare to dissent are vilified by those who pass non-vilification laws.
  • "It might seem odd for an African American to join a faith that once supported slavery, but…" Odd? The only thing that sounds odd to me is the idea that barbarians and savages would not adopt the superior faith of the Christian planter class in the South.
  • A huge victory for religious liberty is coming soon to North Carolina. This would be a good time for the Constitution Party to change the language of their platform, because as it now stands, they are encouraging this sort of thing. And when they revise the document, some explicit support for white Christians - the true Americans - would be nice. We kinists would be happy to send a delegation.

Such interesting people, these so-called 'kinists.' I wonder if they realize that Jesus was, in fact, Jewish and that slavery was actually NOT a positive thing. Oh, and that the South was actually fighting for slavery (read the secession declarations!) while the North was fighting for Union. I will continue to post parts of their posts here, just because I think they need to be read. Look at their blogroll; it's not small.

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