Saturday, July 30, 2005

James Dobson is Most Certainly NOT Amused

Well, it seems that in Utah at least, some people may have to deal with their own biases. From Newsday:
The state of Utah can't block a woman from using her license plate to tell the world "GAYSROK," a judge has ruled. The state has no good reason to prevent Elizabeth Solomon from having that plate -- which can be read "Gays are OK" or "Gays Rock" -- or another one saying "GAYRYTS," according to Jane Phan, an administrative law judge with the Utah State Tax commission.
"The narrow issue before us is whether a reasonable person would believe the terms 'gays are OK' and 'gay rights' are, themselves, offensive to good taste and decency. It is the conclusion of the commission that a reasonable person would not," Phan wrote.

Imagine that. People thinking that Gays are okay. How very offensive! Why in the name of Leviticus would one possibly want to advertise such a thing? Well,
Solomon, of Park City, on Wednesday said she considered the judge's decision as a victory for her daughter, who is gay, and for two gay male friends.

Good for her, and hey, if that means that it leads to other 'offensive' plates, oh well. We all could use a little offending now and then. Don't forget that Florida has those silly official 'Choose Life' plates, and pretends that there is no political message by the state there. Thanks to Lindsay Beyerstein at majikthise for the link.
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