Friday, July 15, 2005

Some Persective on the Rove Debate, from the Right

John Cole of Balloon Juice has a great post up addressing his fellow travellers on the Right that criticize the sometimes over-the-top nature of the left wing reaction to the Rove/Plame Affair (sounds like a bad movie, no?). He notes that
But, it is worth examining- What if this had happened during the Clinton administration? What if it was Paul Begala or someone like him who was accused of outing a CIA agent? What would the right be doing?

If your answer is anything other than what the left is doing, only louder, you are fooling yourselves. Rush Limbaugh would have talked about nothing else for 3 years, and unlike 2004, this WOULD have been the chief issue of the election. G. Gordon Liddy would be having fund-raisers to erect a hangman's scaffold on the White House lawn. The legal 'analysts' at NRO would be claiming that the statutes currently being applied to the case are inadequate, and that we should be looking at charges of treason and the application of the Federal death penalty

He closes the post by saying
And you know I am right. So while I think some (many) on the left are going off the rails, I understand it. And I don't think our side would be any better.

Just saying. Flame away

It is important to remember, I think, that not all on the other side of the aisle are Rushbots or Dobson Disciples. If you want reasoned, eloquent, logical, and humorous discussion of the issues from the perpective of the Right, you couldn't do better than John Cole.
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