Friday, February 18, 2005

'You better check yo'self fo' you wreck yo'self!'

The Good Doctor has a short post up with a link to David Horowitz's academic 'diversity' blacklist. Just a snippet from her post:

'"I'm not sure which ones are funnier: the actual complaints, or the hackers who've satirized or ridiculed the site with their posts. I especially like the one who complained that his professor ridiculed the president repeatedly and brought in an actual Congressman who did the same. Then he says, "Oh, did I mention it was in 1996, the president was Clinton, and the Congressman was Newt Gingrich?"'


Now, I WILL say that I have had professors that are, shall we say, a bit open about their political leanings, but none that have ever made me feel uncomfortable despite being closer to the center than many of them. These fools complaining about bias need to get over it; if a student is so easily 'brainwashed,' then the student is a moron. I mean, my God, this hysteria on the right over left-leaning (or simply not properly right-leaning) professors is silly.
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