Friday, February 04, 2005

'Through the Looking Glass'

Hey, the Puritans did NOT steal Indian land! And did you know that the 14th Amendment is illegal, and discrimination is perfectly okay? Were you aware that the Civil War was not really a civil war, but a horrible act of Northern aggression? Were you ever told that the Marshall Plan was a huge failure? And oh my God, Bill Clinton waged aggressive and illegal wars!
Then you need to pick up the true history of the United States, told without all that politically correct nonsense. Leading historian and leader of the pro-American League of the South Thomas Woods Politically Incorrect Guide to American History is a book that must be read to be believed. It shall open your eyes to the bias that plagues those revisionist texts, and as Eric Muller says on his website,
"No small task, eh? And Dr. Woods does it in just 246 pages. With wide margins, no less!"

Such praise for what I am sure is a brilliant piece of American literary CRAP. I looking forward to reading it. I do need to critique a Social Studies text, and hey, I can always use bathroom reading. But I prejudge, and that is wrong. Bad progressive, bad!
Thanks to Eric Muller for the heads up.
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