Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Clowns, Fools, and Effin Idiots

The following post is typed in a rush and a fit of rage, so excuse the typos.
The sheer incredible hypocrisy of these people. I was driving into class this afternoon and decided to suffer through another dose of Hannity on the radio. He had Senator Rick Santorum on, and I would like to paraphrase Senator Schmuck for a moment:
#1: The family turned it over to the courts and the courts made the wrong decision; therefore, it is judicial tyranny.
#2: The House reallly needs to consider 'looking at' [read: impeaching] the state and federal judges involved in this case for breaking the law, hindering investigations, ignoring a subponea, etc.
#3: Expect Congress to start stripping the Courts of jurisdiction.

Wow. Of course, we had the usual inanity from Hannity (Hannity's Inanities as I like to call them). Again, I paraphrase as I do not yet have the transcript.
#1: The mainstream media has ignored all of these sources I have found. (He had been on 'Nobel Peace Prize Nominee in Medicine Dr. Hammasphar (sp)' kick the last time I heard him. Is this what he is referring to? Or the nurse who says there was a conspiracy to silence her on the part of the hospice?)
#2: Implied an agreement with a caller that there is no way Mrs. Schiavo had bulima or a heart attack. Lots of unanswered questions about injuries that somehow have not been answered in 15 fucking years.

I am so sick of this grandstanding and bullshit. Hypocrites, the lot of them.
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