Saturday, March 05, 2005

'It's a bird, it's a plane, it' ass?'

From Hit and Run, I learned of this hilarious National Lampoon site that compiles some of the covers from the Golden and Silver Age Superman comics. You really oughta scroll through and read about what an utter ass Superman could seem to be. The comments that Mike Miksch makes about each cover are hilarious. i'm still scrolling through all the pages. My favorite so far is the one about Superboy discovering a device that allows him to see the future and sharing it with young Bruce Wayne, who would grow up to be Batman after his parents are horrible murdered. (I'm such a geek!)
List of more practical uses Superboy can make of a machine that can see
through time:
1.Betting on the outcomes of sporting events.
2.Forseeing natural diasters and catastrophhe.
3.Letting Bruce Wayne know that his parents are going to be gunned down in front of his very eyes in a filthy alley, you dick.
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