Wednesday, March 16, 2005

'Well, uh, it's part of the leftie conspiracy against me!'

David Horowitz is a neo-Stalinist, right wing blowhard, but he is a neo-Stalinist, right wing blowhard with a vast network and an agenda to stifle open discussion in the classroom, presented in the guise of 'Academic Freedom.'
And he screwed up. From Media Matters:

Right-wing activist David Horowitz, the president of Students for Academic
Freedom (SAF), which purports to fight anti-conservative bias on the nation's
college campuses, has admitted that a story highly publicized by his group
concerning alleged events at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) "appears
to be wrong," and that "our presentation of this case appears now to have had
several faults." Horowitz made the concession in an
posted on, his online magazine, on March 15, under the
headline, "Correction: Some of Our Facts Were Wrong, But Our Point Was Right."

I think it's great. 'Never mind what I said, my facts were wrong, but you know, what I was trying to say was spot on. You know what I meant.' Well, sorry davey Boy, that doesn't fly in my classroom, and that sure as hell ain't gonna fly with your b.s. About time.
As Jesse Taylor from Pandagon notes:

"Most other people would at least grudgingly admit that they fucked up, and
try to make it about the other times they were right. Horowitz is a special
man...and tries to make it about both."

And later...

"Of course, given Horowitz's attachment to facts, I'm not sure if the Ohio Senate actually exists, let alone whether or not he actually gave testimony to them. Are you wondering what I am at this point? How much fact checking did Horowitz do?"

To quote Nelson Muntz: HA HA!!!
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