Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Air Force: atheist Cult or Christian Crusaders?

Jesse Taylor at the New and Improved Pandagon makes a good point about how some on the right are painting the complaints of pro-Christian bias at the Air Force Academy as just another example of the 'persecution' of Christians.

It [the USAF religious accommodation code] is, however, highly accommodating to any personal expressions of worship, which is why it's so awful for conservative Christians (I'd assume in a nation of 80% Christians, the Air Force isn't the second home to atheists that Clemmons makes it out to be, which means he's simply denying the Christianity of a significant portion of his fellow recruits).

There is no assault on Christians. None. It's a ridiculous and ignorant statement to make, particularly as this blogger sums up his piece with a description of the large chapel in the middle of the Air Force Academy.

Yeah, that chapel is actually used for the moneychangers and prostitution. The idea that Christians are a minority is a joke. Hell, the idea that conservatives are a minority in the Air Force is a joke.
Funny story time: I separated from active duty in '99; my flight supervisor, a really great Senior Master and a strong Christian (damn that anti-Christian bias!) wrote me a 'humorous' letter of recommendation saying that I was great, but he had to apologize because somehow I was still a liberal Democrat (in his eyes, anyway). Ha Ha Ha. Sense any potential for bias on his part there? He wasn't biased, really, but if I were as sensitive as these righties are, I could have done some interesting things with that letter.
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