Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cranky Speaks, We Listen

The Cranky Yankee has a good post up on those still serving in 'democratic' Iraq. As a ground pounding veteran, he has, I think, quite a passion for the men and women over there. Here's a taste:

"Anyway, I'm trying to come to grips with being able to honor and celebrate the people who are serving there and at the same time knowing that a smirking chimp of a liar sent these men to do this. I understand many of them are supportive of the cause and I appreciate that and won't argue with war veterans over this. To a certain extent I do out of respect. I know what those guys are going through. I also know what they are going through after they get home. To have someone try to convince them that they did something wrong just isn't appropriate. There is probably enough cognitive dissonance already."

He makes a good point about convincing those that served over there about the 'illegality' of the war. These veterans do not want to hear that, and we shouldn't be telling them that. Rather, I wish the Democratic Party would start focusing with more passion and more voice on the needs and concerns of veterans. Show that Democrats care for vets for longer than just a soundbite. Just as with the planning for Iraq, the Administration seems to have paid little attention to the impact on the veterans of the aftermath of the war.
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