Friday, April 29, 2005

Gateway Past the First Circle?

Funky PhD over at Firedoglake has a humorous and interesting post on a major reason why extreme Christian wingnuts (as opposed to Christians as a whole) are so concerned about what people do in their free time: there is nothing good on the Internet (side note: why do we capitalize Internet?) for them to do! An excerpt:

Bobo’s world has all this time to rant and rave and host prayer meetings and issue press releases and worry themselves silly about pharmacists in Dubuque whose religious rights are being violated because a married woman just came into their drug store and tried to buy a tube of KY Jelly because there’s nothing on the Internets for these people to do!

But it’s not because they haven’t tried. Oh no. The Internets are filled with dozens upon dozens of time-wasting-pastimes-for-Christians-gone-wrong. Call me a godless evolutionist if you must, but I have come to the startling conclusion that there is something in the wingnut DNA that leaves fundamentalists unable to design a website.

Read the post for more. There are some great links in it, too!
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