Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Filibuster Fix?

So apparently moderate Dems and Republicans achieved a compromise of sorts on the whole judicial filibuster issue. Some Dems, liberals and other progressives are a bit upset, and I suppose they have a point. A showdown with the wingnuts would be nice, but I fear that it would also be bloody. My personal view is that the filibuster should be saved for the Supreme Court; let's not shoot our wad now, folks. And honestly, can anything that makes Ayatollah Dobson and his pet Bauer furious be all that bad? I don't think so! I wish to echo some of the comments of Jane at Firedoglake:

4. It is pissing off the Freepers, Dobson and Assmissile, who see this as Frist's failure to go in for the kill. Dobson and his ilk have been angry that Bush didn't move on the Defense of Marriage Act, and feel they were poorly used in the last election. They want to be repaid for their efforts, and this was supposed to be it. They would be happy with nothing less than each and every one of these reactionary judges being jammed down the throats of the Democrats who dared oppose them. It didn't happen. They are screaming in outrage, and quite frankly, they ought to be -- their boy Frist obviously had the votes. How come he couldn't deliver? Why did they have to compromise anything? Fault Harry Reid for not being able to sway one more Republican if you will, but Frist couldn't control his own moderates. It looks bad for the kitty killer, no matter how you look at it.

And Attaturk, guest posting over at Eschaton, points us to the freeper reactions excerpted at Daily Kos. As Attaturk notes, their reaction is as Lord Vader's: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!. Is there anything sweeter than a cracked wingnut?
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