Thursday, May 12, 2005

On Jason Varitek and the Sox Staff

Eric Wilbur of the Boston Globe writes in his blog what I think many Sox fans are thinking today:
It isn’t just that Clement is winning, it’s the way that he is winning. We’ve all heard how much of a hurdle the walks have been for the former Chicago Cub, how he loses concentration on the hill. In his first two appearances of the season, Clement walked three and five, respectively, and the groans began. But look at what he’s done lately, or should we say what Jason Varitek has helped him do lately. In four of his last five games, Clement has walked just one batter, and not altogether coincidentally, has pitched shutout ball in two of those appearances

I am going to go out on a limb here, but I think Jason Varitek has got to be the best Sox catcher since Rich Gedm..err...Carlton Fisk. When was the last time the Sox had a catcher that had such an effect on a staff? He is worth every penny and has already more than shown that he is the captain, my captain. Hope he keeps keeping the staff anchored, as he has with both Clement and Arroyo.
Now, if he could just do something about Keith F'N' Foulke...
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