Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Friendly Open Right-thinking Driving

The Watchful Babbler points us to an American Family Association boycott of Ford Motor Company for such horrors as:

  • "Ford defines "family" to include homosexual and lesbian couples."(because love doesn't matter in deciding what is a family)
  • "Ford gave more than $5000 to help sponsor the 2004 Motor City Pride Weekend." because a company shouldn't be allowed to do what it wants with it's money)
  • "Ford supports homosexual publications with ads." (damn capitalism)
  • "Ford is an "Emerald Sponsor" of Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG)" (Because if nobody sponsored them, they would just go away)
  • "Ford hired a D.C. marketing firm to target the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender market and developed a plan to involve Ford in the day-to-day business of selling vehicles worldwide to gay and lesbian customers." (Damn that capitalism again)
  • "Ford actively recruits homosexuals for employment by advertising on gay job websites." (If they couldn't work, maybe they would die off)
  • "Ford held the first automotive conference aimed at bringing diversity to the car industry." (Diversity is a code-word for Satan!)

Well, in response to this boycott, I am sponsoring a 'Buy Ford' drive. Why? Because it would piss off Donald Wildmon and the nuts at AFA, and it would probably be just as effective as their boycott. As Watchful Babbler points out, Disney made mad money during the just ended AFA boycott. Ford should be so lucky.
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