Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Murray Chass=MORON

Murray Chass is a great baseball writer, but you know, the title of his newest (subscription required) NYT article is
Exorcism Is Not Complete Until Red Sox Win the A.L. East

He goes to say, in rather moronic fashion:
If they play the Yankees in the American League Championship Series this October and beat them again (they certainly would not be able to top the way they did it last year), then win the World Series again, so what? Been there, done that.

The one thing the Red Sox have not done in this era of the renewed rivalry is finish ahead of the Yankees in the American League East, winning the division championship, of course. For the Red Sox to finish second while the Yankees place third would be an empty achievement. Being the division champion is what it is all about for the Red Sox this season, whether they admit it or not.

Which is a roundabout way of saying the Red Sox have blown it.

Holy crap. As a diehard of Sox fan for almost 30 years, I have little interest in winning the East. Who freaking cares? We lost the East and won the World Series. 'Been there, done that.' Bullshit. Murray Chass really is reaching.
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