Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blogging for Educators

What is beyond the bounds of blogging ettiquite if you are a teacher and your students might read your blog? It's something I have considered, and Andrew at the Daily Grind was forced to consider that question recently.
Following the Junior Prom, I posted my thoughts regarding the attire worn by some students. In doing so, I failed to take into consideration the feelings of those students. I was unaware of how many students read what I put on this blog, and therefore unaware that I could potentially do harm to any of my students. As a result, I have removed that post.

I missed the original post, but apparently Andrew said some things about the attire of some students that, let's face it, many of those of us in the profession have thought. I mean, I graduated HS in 1992, not that long ago, and I don't recall girls dressing as they do today. Keep in mind, I'm probably as socially liberal as they come, and yet I think that sometimes these girls go too far. Hell, what's with the male posterior suddenly dropping to about the upper thigh too? The way that guys wear their pants nowadays. And pink? If I ever wore pink to school when I was younger, comment.
Anyway, I think Andrew is too hard on himself when he says
For the controversy I've created, I am truly and humbly apologetic. But more importantly, I am sorry that I have offended and hurt students who are a fine representation of what our school has to offer.

If these children and parents are so easily offended, I wonder how they will survive the college experience.
Still, in the comments to his apology, some of the aggrieved students offer an apology of their own (of a sort, anyway). Wow, I rambled. Just read his post.
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