Thursday, June 02, 2005

Index librorum prohibitorum (novo II)

Jesse Taylor shares with us a story of horror, corruption, and low morals that simply is too disgusting to be believed. An English teacher made a student read a story that had a mention of a sexually aroused boy! So how do we avoid this situation in the future? Rate the books! From the NY Times article:
After the meeting, however, Mrs. Hahn said she felt her arguments had been given short shrift, and she met privately with Mr. Nelson, the board president, to push the idea of a rating system for schoolbooks, similar to what the Motion Picture Association of America does for films. And on May 18, the board rejected the English department's new policy for book challenges and asked that Mrs. Hahn's requests be accommodated: that reading lists made available to parents include a ratings system, plot summaries of all assigned books, and the identification of any potentially objectionable content.

Geez. I will be interested to see what rating and objectionable material is found in Shakespeare. And the Bible? With all the implied sex and outright violence? An X for sure.
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