Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Judge not, lest ye be Judge Moore

Judge Roy Moore of the great (giggle) state of Alabama is considering a run for Governor. Isn't it great when soemone that has more than one issue decides to enter the active political realm? Anyway, here is an excerpt from the Boston Globe piece (free registration required):
Moore, a Republican who enjoys widespread support in his home state, is poised to run against a vulnerable Republican governor. If he wins, some party strategists speculate, he could defy a federal court order again by erecting a religious monument outside the Alabama state Capitol building. With the 2008 presidential race looming, President Bush would then face a no-win decision: either call out the National Guard to enforce a court order against a religious display on state grounds or allow a fellow born-again Christian to defy the courts.

Now, who here thinks that our Dear Leader has the fortitude to stand up to his base, as this article implies he might?
Yeah, I thought so too. Look, I say let him put up his graven image, his golden calf, and let him pay the consequences in the hereafter. The man is an idealouge, an egotist (as the article indicates, he has a HUGE self-image), and a fool. Let him bury himself.
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