Monday, July 18, 2005

'A Gayer, Fatter America'

Once again, the Bush Administration is seeing the consequences of dividing attention and stretching forces thin. It seems, alas, that according to the always reputable Borowitz Report, the Administration is admitting that it will be unable to fight the War on Terror, War on Gay Marriage, and the War on Obesity all at the same time. According to spokesman Scott McClellan,
“It turns out that these insurgents are more determined than we originally expected, and so are these damn gay couples.”

Mr. McClellan also raised the possibility that the insurgency in Iraq could prevent the U.S. from continuing to fight the war on obesity.

“Let’s face it, folks,” Mr. McClellan said. “For the near term at least, we may be looking at a gayer, fatter America.”

Damn this Administration. Next thing you know, we will have overweight gays dying in Iraq because of this Administration's incompetence.
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