Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Little Delay Goes A Long Way

According to the Associated Press, the new Iraqi Constitution has hit a stumbling block:

"Key members of the committee writing the new Iraqi constitution said Sunday they need another month to finish the draft, threatening U.S. efforts to maintain political momentum to combat the insurgency.

Later, President Jalal Talabani insisted the Aug. 15 deadline for parliamentary approval must be met, and the United States stepped up pressure on the Iraqis to stick by the timetable."
It seems to me that both Iraq and the United States would be better served by creating the best constitution, NOT the quickest. That is just asking for immediate rejection by disgruntled elements.

"The United States had mounted considerable pressure on the Iraqis to meet the Aug. 15 deadline. U.S. officials believe a new Iraqi constitution will help calm the insurgency by encouraging the country's disaffected Sunni Arab community, which forms the core of the militants, to abandon the conflict and join the political process."
Well, you know, I'm not sure just how calm the insurgency will become with a new constitution that could be seen as imposed by Americans. The men and women working on this new document need to take their time and avoid American pressure to wrap it all up in time for the mid-term election. To do otherwise is to encourage failure, and there has been enough of that in Iraq.
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