Friday, March 18, 2005

A Voice in the Conservative Wilderness

Jeff Jacoby of my favorite paper, The Boston Globe, critiques the response of his fellow conservatives to torture. Key 'graphs:

Interrogation techniques that flirt with torture -- to say nothing of those
that end in death -- cross the moral line that separates us from the enemy we
are trying to defeat.

The Bush administration and the military insist that any abuse of
detainees is a violation of policy and that abusers are being punished. If so,
why does it refuse to allow a genuinely independent commission to investigate
without fear or favor? Why do Republican leaders on Capitol Hill refuse to
launch a proper congressional investigation? And why do my fellow conservatives
-- those who support the war for all the right reasons -- continue to keep
silent about a scandal that should have them up in arms?

It is nice to see that not all on the right have lost the concept of what we mean when we say 'American values,' and credit to Jacoby for speaking up (which, it must be said, he has done for a long time on this issue, as has Andrew Sullivan).
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