Wednesday, March 16, 2005

'Bigger, Better, Cheater?'

So apparently Congress, with nothing else in the world to worry about, have decided that they need to be part of the whole steriod kerfuffle enveloping the world's greatest sport, though fortunately not the world's greatest team. With these hearings on steriods in baseball, Congress is, once again, showboating. What the hell is the point? Baseball just began its new policy, there WAS no policy previously, and honestly, so they took steroids? So what? Eric Wilbur has a post on his blog excoriating those that think steroids are no big deal. I have to disagree.
I must admit that I have had a change of heart on the matter. At first, it really bothered me, and it was the worst form of cheating imaginable. Now, though, after further thought, I have to say that it really does not bother me as much, because players have always cheated!!!! Whether it is with corked bats (Bucky *&^%#! Dent), spitballs, pine tar, emory boards, vaseline, or whatever, players have sought an advantage. Steroid use, while perhaps the most personally destructive, is only the most recent form of cheating.
I realize that these players are supposed to be 'role models,' but to paraphrase Sir Charles, these ain't no role models. It is up to the parents and coaches and peers of younger athletes to make sure that kids don't ruin themselves with steroids, not a function of Major League Baseball or the Players Association.
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