Wednesday, March 16, 2005

'What, Me Worry?'

Brad Plumer over at Washington Monthly makes a good point about the 'suggestions' that pushing investigations of Tom Delay over foreign trips paid for by lobbyists (among other things) could come back to bite Dems in the ass (emphasis mine):
But if that's true, then fine, investigate them all! I'm not partisan
enough to care if Democrats' also get burned for breaking House rules. On the
other hand, if they do want to think in terms of partisan warfare, Democrats
need only think back to 1991, when House Republicans led by Newt Gingrich used a
mini-scandal—House members were caught overdrawing from their
private bank without penalty—to whip up public outrage, even though both parties
were eventually found guilty.

I gotta think that whatever is bad for 'The Hammer' is good for Democrats, and if the party can start assuming the attitude and approach that Gingrich himself pushed when the Republicans were the minority, then hell, go for it...but go with caution. Gingrich, after all, is out of office.
Between the Senate position vote on debt vs. benefit cuts from the other day, the ethics issues in the House, and the bankruptcy bill (to a smaller degree, damn 'bipartisan' morons), I think the Democrats are looking stronger on many fronts. But then, I thought Kerry was going to win and I thought Little wasn't wrong to leave Pedro in...well, kidding about that last part!
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