Friday, April 29, 2005

Pitch Me! I Must Be Dreaming!

Keith Foulke needs work. I can just see him now, holding a sign: 'Will pitch for food. Can't promise not to give up massive two-run blasts twice in an inning.' An excerpt from the Globe:
Prior to Tuesday's ugly outing, Foulke hadn't pitched since his one scoreless inning in Baltimore April 21. And, with today's offday, he won't take the mound again until at least tomorrow night in Texas. That means one appearance in one week.

"You guys see the playoffs last year?" Foulke asked. "You guys remember how I talked all last year about the more I pitch the better I am. Any more questions?"

Well, yes.

I really hope he starts shaping up soon. Damn though, ya know, Sox are still champs, and it's early, and the YANKS ARE IN LAST. So things are okay!
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