Thursday, July 07, 2005

Run, Kathy, Run!

From the Orlando Sentinel, we learn that the potential Senate nominee of the Florida Republican Party, the charming Katherine Harris, is quite interested in alternative science:
Four years ago, as the state labored to eradicate citrus canker by destroying trees, officials rejected other disease-fighting techniques, saying unproven methods would waste precious time and resources.

But for more than six months, the state, at the behest of then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris, did pursue one alternative method -- a very alternative method.

Researchers worked with a rabbi and a cardiologist to test "Celestial Drops," promoted as a canker inhibitor because of its "improved fractal design," "infinite levels of order" and "high energy and low entropy."

But the cure proved useless against canker. That's because it was water -- possibly, mystically blessed water.

(This is the part that really gets me!)
Harris seemed surprised Friday that the product she once hoped might cure canker may be nothing more than blessed water. In fact, after being contacted by the Orlando Sentinel, she called Hardoon. She said he blamed Celestial Drops' poor test performance on state scientists.

"He said they didn't follow the proper protocols," Harris said.
Oh, I hope she wins the nomination. I think that the Dems might then have a chance. The woman has all of the wattage of dead firefly.

Thanks to Balloon Juice for the link.
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