Friday, August 12, 2005

Bizzaro Hillary and the Mob

Bad news for the NYGOP, if this story is in the least bit accurate. From the Daily News:

Jeanine Pirro declared "I have taken on the mob" when she announced her run for U.S. Senate this week, but she could have said "I have taken from the mob."

The Westchester District Attorney pocketed nearly $12,000 in campaign checks from firms and associates with alleged links to organized crime, the Daily News has found.

A review of campaign and court records shows at least six donors with ties to mob families who've contributed to Pirro since 2003. That casts a shadow on Pirro, who's basing her run against Sen. Hillary Clinton in part on her reputation as a tough prosecutor.

On top of that, the same article reports that Pirro's husband discussed a case of her's with a mobbed up contractor. Not good. Now, I'm not exactly Hillary's biggest fan, but I am glad to see that the NYGOP continues to shoot itself in the foot. Or insists on wearing concrete galoshes, in this case.
I listened to part of Pirro's interview on Hannity (shiver) the other day as I was trying to drill a hole in my head...I mean driving... and it occured to me why the NYGOP wants her to run: she is the Bizzaro Hillary! I mean really: both women, both lawyers, both married to men that do stupid things, both rising stars (or risen, in Hillary's case) in their respective parties. Yup, from now on, Jeanine Pirro will be known as Bizzaro Hillary, the dim mirror image of SuperHillary. At least by me. Maybe it will catch on.
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