Monday, August 01, 2005

Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Conservative Way...One Liberal at a Time

So, this should no doubt be a fair and balanced look at conservative and liberal politics in an easily accessible comic book form. Check out the synopsis of Liberality for All:

America’s future has become an Orwellian nightmare of ultra-liberalism. Beginning with the Gore Presidency, the government has become increasingly dominated by liberal extremists.

In 2004, Muslim terrorists stopped viewing the weakened American government as a threat; instead they set their sites on their true enemies, vocal American conservatives. On one dark day, in 2006, many conservative voices went forever silent at the hands of terrorist assassins. Those which survived joined forces and formed a powerful covert conservative organization called “The Freedom of Information League”, aka F.O.I.L.

The efforts of F.O.I.L. threaten both the liberal extremist power structure and the U.N.’s grip on America, the U.N. calls F.O.I.L. the most dangerous group in the world. It seems the once theorized Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has now become a reality.

So, who are the heroes of this upcoming comic classic? Why, none other than your favorite radio hosts!

The New York City faction of F.O.I.L. is lead by Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North, each uniquely endowed with special abilities devised by a bio mechanical engineer affectionately nicknamed “Oscar”.

And the President in 2021, when the story takes place? Why, it's Chelsea Clinton, with VP Micheal Moore at her side! And the Afghan amabassador? Usama bin Laden!

Geez...this comic is probably going to make The Watchmen seem like a love poem to Richard Nixon and make the fascist Batman of The Dark Knight Returns (graphic novel, not movie) look soft on crime. I look forward to reading it (and if you have never read those two graphic novels, do so. They are classics, like this new Liberality surely will be.) Thanks to Jesse Walker at Hit and run for the link.
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