Friday, August 05, 2005

Texas: The Men are Big, The Frauds are Bigger

Robert A. George, one of my favorite bloggers of the right, responds to a Bob Tyrrell column blaming, in part, Bill Clinton for the steroid scandal in MLB and for the allegedly fraudalent testimony of Rafael Palmiero in front of Congress. George points out that

If we go back to that era, one is forced to note a rather significant figure in Rafael Palmeiro's life.

Who was the principal owner of a Texas Rangers team over a period that when its roster included at one time or another Palmeiro, Jose Canseco AND Sammy Sosa-- all of whom testified before Congress on steroids? (Um, that is, they testified on the SUBJECT of steroids -- though, actually, Palmeiro might have been ON them at that moment. Ironically, the one whom engendered nearly universal contempt at the time -- whistle-blowing author Canseco -- looks to be the one telling the truth.)

Who was the man who still calls Palmeiro a friend and -- despite this week's revelations -- says that he believes him?

Early in Clinton years, the Wall Street Journal once famously deplored the import of "Arkansas morés" to Washington. They were somewhat prescient. Fair or otherwise, the fact is that Texas--most decidedly NOT Bill Clinton country--seems to have been Ground Zero for this sports-substance scandal which is only now exploding. (The late Ken Caminiti -- the pre-Canseco poster boy for steroids--was a member of the Houston Astros in the early '90s.)

Texas morés? Well, when it came to steroids it was obviously "the moré, the merrier!" (Well, they do say that they grow 'em bigger in Texas. )

But of course, President Bush knew NOTHING about the steroids pumping through the veins of his players while he owned the team. Plausible deniability and all that. But George Soros? Now that is someone who does not belong in an ownership group! Who KNOWS what kind of problems he cound bring Major League Baseball!
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