Friday, March 18, 2005

The Republic of Gilead Awaits

Finally, some people get it right about the way things oughta be. These are folks we need to listen to, folks. Some highlights from the Salon article:

"The authors envision a state designed to protect the "integrity" of the
home -- autonomous family units composed exclusively of one woman, one man, and
as many children as possible. As incentive for the mother to stay home and
fulfill her "aptness for motherhood," fathers would be paid a "family wage."
"Home economies" would replace the "control of big government and vast
corporations," whose demands have eroded the sovereignty of marriage-based
families. The tax code would be amended to favor large families and small
businesses. "

"It goes without saying that same-sex marriage does not exist in this prescribed world. In the utopia of "family homes, lawns, and gardens... ringing with the laughter of many children," gay marriage would not only be illegal -- children would be instructed with positive images of chastity, marriage, "husbandry," and "housewifery." "

Hell, women back in the home, elimination of 'deviancy,' lots and lots of kids...I say bring on the Republic of Gilead!
Thanks to Pandagon for the link to the story.
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