Friday, April 22, 2005

Nomar-Unlucky or Unnatural?

Bob Ryan has a piece in today's Globe that implies something that I'm sure crossed the minds of the Nation before:
"Look, I'm hardly the first person to raise the question. When he was with the Red Sox, who was bold enough to link our fair shortstop, a noted workout guy, with the dreaded S-word? But he did go from, like, standard athlete issue normal to ultra-buffed in one winter, and he has been -- there is no other way to say it -- systematically breaking down for the past six years, so you can't help wondering just what he's been putting into his body other than Wheaties and sirloin steaks. If we're going to assume that Mark McGwire's physical breakdown was because of a reliance on steroids, then it would be quite logical to adopt the same line of thinking about Nomar. It's a legitimate question."

A really good question. Nomar did go from fit to ripped real quick, and seems to break down real easy. I love the guy and what he did for Boston, but you really have to think. Or do you? Is it fair to Nomar to speculate?
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