Friday, August 12, 2005

Gay Adoptions: The Next Gay Marriage?

The newest issue of the libertarian mag, Reason, has a great article on the increasing trend toward restricting the rights of gay couples to adopt children. The whole article is worth a read, but the closing paragraph, authored by Reason editor Julian Sanchez, is killer:

Better still, they could visit Florida and ask a child in foster care which makes him feel more threatened: the thought of being raised by homosexuals, or the prospect of an indefinite number of years spent passing through an indefinite number of homes. They could ask whether “family values” are best served by attempting to marginalize gay couples who raise families, by “protecting” abused or sick children from people who want to give them a home, by forcing parents to worry whether they’ll have the legal authority to bring their kids to the hospital in an emergency. They could ask Charlie.
Read the article to learn just who this Charlie is, and for more examples of complete insensitivity, such as this doozy:

In 2003, as he introduced a bill to ban gay foster parenting, Texas legislator Robert Talton (R-Pasadena) told the state’s House of Representatives: “If it was me I would rather [leave] kids in orphanages as such—this is where they are now if they’re not fostered out. At least they have a chance of learning the proper values.”

Excuse the language, but what an asshole.
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