Saturday, August 20, 2005

Swimwear for the Conservative Set

John Cole links to this catalog for women. Like all fashion catalogs, it features attractive models wearing the latest in swimwear. Unlike most fashion catalogs, however, it is Saudi Arabian, and most of the models are covered from the neck to the ankles. Somehow, I don't think Hasema is going to give Maxim or even Abercrombie a run for their money. Still, is it me, or are some of these outfits kind of nice? I would buy one for my wife to wear out as semi-casual wear. Am I wrong?Interestingly, some of the outfits show quite a bit more flesh than would be expected. Of course, I suppose the pools and beaches ARE segregated. Kind of removes the joy of the beach for me. To each their own, I suppose. (Crossposted by Bostondreamer at FloridaBlues)
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