Tuesday, January 25, 2005

'It was all faked in the desert, near Area-51'

Glenn Reynolds is often way off base, but on this issue he is dead on. As a teacher, I worry when we have to provide a warning label before every little controversial issue is discussed. Believe it or not, a good teacher DOES talk about issues, not just dry facts, and they don't need a warning label to do so. Critical thinking and all that, after all.
Thanks to Kevin Drum for the link.

'Bankruptcy? Nah...I'll be dead before the bill comes due'

Read this Drum piece on the budget deficit. It has graphs and everything! Just a couple of points on my part, some which has been said better by others, but I'm a teacher so I gotta talk:

  1. How is the Republican party the party of fiscal conservatism?
  2. How can we justify tax cuts when we are in constant need of money to meet minimum obligations?
  3. When is the IMF and World Bank going to demand some changes in OUR economic system and government spending habits?
  4. Grover Norquist is still a freaking ass.

'Major, Arrest that Man!'

Kevin Drum has an interesting post up about Rumsfeld cancelling a trip to Germany for unspecified reasons, perhaps because of a remote possibility of being charged for war crimes.
Kevin's comment on the article he links to:
"The presumption here is that Rumsfeld is afraid of being arrested, although that's not entirely clear. German prosecutors are still examining the CCR complaint and haven't even decided to mount an investigation yet, let alone arrest anyone. Rumsfeld's nonattendance seems more likely to be motivated by a desire to pressure the German government than by an actual fear of arrest."

While I am no fan of the man, I am uncomfortable with the idea of his being arrested and tried for these supposed crimes overseas. If he is charged, try him here. As far as pressuring the Germans, well, I'm not sure they are conducive to it. After all, these are the people that had ways of making you talk (wonder if they are available for Foreign Prison Duty?).
As an aside, I guess I am the only one that finds it...odd...and a bit comforting...that the Germans might be the ones to charge him. How far we have come in 60 years!

See also this Volokh post on the issue, which is Kevin's orginal source of the story.

'Not sure I want to be part of THAT frat...'

Tom Tomorrow has a great cartoon on torture, its definition, and the reaction of much of the right towards the issue. Check it out here at Working for Change.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link.

'Onwards and Upwards!'

The New England Patriots are going to the Superbowl!!! AGAIN!!! :)

I wonder if this is how a Yankee fan feels???
What a year for New England sports! Go Sox! Go Pats! Go...Celts (I guess..ugh..I miss Larry)! Oh, and Go Bruins (if they ever lace 'em up again)!

I'm proud to be a New Engander. :)
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