Friday, February 18, 2005


Julian Sanchez is blogging from the CPAC Convention, and has a post up about the discussions involving Ann 'The Bad Witch' Coulter and the Drudgery Man. It seems as if they were given a rock star reception, with a techno rock soundtrack, and the crowd roared. Funnily enough, the Social Securitypanel got the same intro. Julian's closing line was great, though:

"Maybe they're preparing to launch a "Republicanism, Wow!" campaign."

Certainly might work better than the 'Vote Republican or Be a Traitor' campaign!

'You better check yo'self fo' you wreck yo'self!'

The Good Doctor has a short post up with a link to David Horowitz's academic 'diversity' blacklist. Just a snippet from her post:

'"I'm not sure which ones are funnier: the actual complaints, or the hackers who've satirized or ridiculed the site with their posts. I especially like the one who complained that his professor ridiculed the president repeatedly and brought in an actual Congressman who did the same. Then he says, "Oh, did I mention it was in 1996, the president was Clinton, and the Congressman was Newt Gingrich?"'


Now, I WILL say that I have had professors that are, shall we say, a bit open about their political leanings, but none that have ever made me feel uncomfortable despite being closer to the center than many of them. These fools complaining about bias need to get over it; if a student is so easily 'brainwashed,' then the student is a moron. I mean, my God, this hysteria on the right over left-leaning (or simply not properly right-leaning) professors is silly.

'Forgive me, St. Peter, for I have sinned against my flock'

From the world of my not-so-forgotten faith and the Boston Globe:

"The nation's Roman Catholic bishops said Friday that over the last year they received 1,092 new allegations of sexual abuse against at least 756 Catholic priests and deacons.

Half of the accused priests over the past year had been previously accused of abuse, said Kathleen McChesney, executive director of the bishops' Office of Child and Youth Protection.

Most of the alleged incidents occurred decades ago: 72 percent of the priests were either dead, defrocked or removed from public ministry before the newest allegations were received, McChesney said."

It is simply incredible that the holy fathers had covered this up for so long, and caused so much hurt. I pray to God that this never happens again, and I applaude those victims that finally came forward and brought this issue to light.
Saint Peter must weep for the Church he left behind.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, The World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!!

Pitchers and catchers reported this week for the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox!! The Boston Globe has a great slide show with new and old players here. It's baseball season, and I'm so happy. :) World Series champs, baby! Never gets old!
My favorite: Timmy Wakefield signing autographs. I WANT ONE!!!

(Reuters Photo, from the Boston Globe)

If it weren't for the parents...'

I have been teaching for three years. In that time, I have struggled in learning just how to deal with parents. Some are too involved, some are not involved enough. Some are just complete pain in the asses. It can be so frustrating sometimes when parents refuse to back up the teacher in a grade or in a discipline issue.
In the newest issue of Time (subs. reqd), Nancy Gibbs has a great article on the unfortunate conflict between parents and teachers. (A photo essay is here.)
One of the teachers interviewed for the article, Marcia Jones, has a telling quote:
"They'll misbehave in front of you. You see very little of that 'I don't want to get in trouble' attitude because they know mom or dad will come to their defense."
So true. It is incredible, really, the level of disrespect that is found in the classroom these days. I have had students curse me out, verbally threaten me, and worse, and barely anything happens to them.
Still, I am pleased that I have rarely had a grade questioned. I DO try to make contact with parents when necessary. The secret, really, is to sing the child's praises will at the same time offering subtle suggestions for improvement or pointing out weaknesses. As one teacher interviewed in the article says, you just can't tell parents that their kid is a lazy little putz who will never achieve anything if they continue as they are. THAT is what is perhaps most annoying. Laziness=the teacher's fault. Ugh. I better end this post before I get on a rant!

'All the mouth, none of the money'

I am, apparently, Curt Schilling! Check out this 'Which Red Sox Player Are You?' quiz. Now, if only I got PAID like Curt!
You are Curt Schilling! You are a trooper. You push yourself to the limit, regardless of any setbacks. You are also not afraid to express your opinions on a variety of topics. Very family-oriented. You're the man!!
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