Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pillars of the Republic Collapse

OMG!!! Like, Brad and Jen filed for divorce, like today! Wow!
And yet, the Republic still stands. Go figure.

To Teach, Perchance to Dream

Teacher Ken has an incredible post up on what it means to teach. Read it. A highlight:
To be a teacher means to be consumed -- with the care of one’s students, with a passion for one’s subject, with not wanting to ever miss a chance to make a difference. It is to go out on a wire without a net, because one never knows what actions one takes or words one says will make a difference, and whether that difference will be positive or negative. Sometimes it can mean pouring oneself out without being as fortunate as I have often been to get feedback from parents and students that encourages me to go on, even when exhausted, and worrying about my failure in reaching some students. It means that one’s family will have to accept the limitations -- in time and money -- the choice of being a teacher will impose on them. It means recognizing that one’s own learning -- of students, of material, of how to help the students connect with the material-- is a never-ending process. It means one has to constantly operate on several levels simultaneously, observing things -- about oneself, about the students and the class -- about which one can do nothing at the moment but which will have to be processed and addressed at some point.

Really makes me think. As it should, I suppose.

Arming Our Enemies

Another brilliant move by the Bush Administration. From CNN:

Senior U.S. officials say a deal to sell F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan was approved and the United States will compete for contracts to provide Pakistan's nuclear rival India with the same jets.

You know, it is SUCH a BRILLIANT idea to sell American fighter aircraft to a country with great potential for Islamist revolt and that has sold nuclear material and plans to shady third parties. And people complain about Clinton and China????

Trouble in Taiwan?

So anti-China protests are occuring in Taiwan. How long before we are sending a carrier group to the region? Not a good sign.

First, the Good News...

Curt Schilling will be pitching on Opening Day. YAY!!!!! a minor league field. BOO!!!!!!!!!!
That sucks! Guess David 'Blow it up' Wells will be starting in Yankme Stadium.
I wish our pitching staff gave me more faith. :(

Just Hanging Around?

So Neal Boortz (!) reflects my own feelings (and fears) on the Schiavo case. From his Townhall column:
But perhaps you believe, as I do, that the human soul is so connected to and integrated with its earthly body that any transition will not be made until that body ceases functioning -- until death occurs.. That being the case, why do you so ardently desire that the soul of Terri Schiavo spend five, ten, perhaps 30 years or more trapped in a useless and non-functioning body, unable to move on to whatever reward awaits her? Isn’t 15 years enough?
Where do your concerns truly lie, with the eternal soul of Terri Schiavo, or with her earthly body?

I pray to God that she is not trapped in that shell, and I pray to God that if she is, he take pity on her and take her into Him. Perhaps He has already?

Showdown in Pinellas Park?

Governor Bush is skirting the line now, coming close to starting a nasty standoff between the FDLE and local law enforcement. A key 'graph from the article:
Citing several local police officials it didn't identify, The Miami Herald
reported that Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents contacted the
Pinellas Park police and said they were on their way to take Schiavo to a
hospital and resume feeding.
In the end, the FDLE and the Department of Children & Families backed down over concern the action could lead to a confrontation between police agencies.
"We told them that unless they had the judge with them when they came, they were not going to get in," an unnamed local police source told the Herald.

That's just great. This is getting out of hand, and I really hope it resolves itself soon.

How to win friends and influence people

So my wife's parents live two minutes from the hospice where the Schiavo Drama is being played out. I drove by the protests this morning. It was lovely. I really think the so-called 'pro-life' groups are going to win alot of converts by flying the freaking Confederate battle flag next to pictures of Terri and aborted fetuses. Way to go, ya freaks.

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've had limited time to blog lately between writing papers, grading papers, and polishing my resume as I consider options for next year. I will blog more soon. Maybe today even. Wouldn't THAT be fun! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

All Work and No Play

I'm working on a paper for my Comparative Ed class (ugh) and developing discussion notes for Dante's Inferno for school. I will blog more when I can. So much to talk about! How do you guys do it?
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