Friday, April 08, 2005

The Coming Civil War

Atrios links today to a piece in Congress Daily discussing a new coalition's effort to return the judiciary to a Biblically based interpretation of the Constitution, while calling for the impeachment of those judges that view the Constitution as a 'living document.' I hope this is a parody. This coalition, the 'Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration,' hopefully is nothing more than a fringe group. I have read some on the Dominion movement, which believes that in order for Christ to return, countries must already be living under Biblical law (put very simply). That is what this sounds like, as some at Atrios' site have commented. I'm not sure why this group includes 'Judeo' in its title, as it calls for a recognition of an explicitly Christian deity by the government. Really, it may be an exaggeration to say this, but could this really be the start of something scarily serious? Who's Christian God? The Catholic? The Lutheran? The Evangelical? The Unitarian? Here is the disconcerting part, from Atrios:
Christian conservatives and a core group of congressional supporters are launching a significant new push to restructure the federal judicial system to reflect a more explicitly biblical world view, in the hopes that these changes will pave the way for broader social and political changes, leaders of the movement said.
Some of the most prominent conservative leaders in the country -- including Vision America's Rick Scarborough, Coral Ridge Ministry's James Kennedy and the Free Congress Foundation's Paul Weyrich -- launched the effort Thursday in Washington.
Members of the new coalition said they would immediately focus on bringing an end to Democratic filibusters of President Bush's judicial nominees before pushing Senate Majority Leader Frist to enact sweeping changes in the judiciary.
They also warned that Frist and other politicians who have thus far been reluctant to force a confrontation with Senate Minority Leader Reid over the nominations would be held accountable if Democrats continue to block conservative judges.
Participants at this week's Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration meeting said the group also will focus on forcing Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against any judge who does not conform with their biblically based interpretation of the Constitution, as well as permanently curb judicial authority over matters of church and state, marriage and governmental acknowledgement of a Christian deity.
"What it is time to do is impeach justices," Texas Justice Foundation President Allan Parker extolled a crowd of a hundred or so conservative lobbyists, attorneys and activists. "The standard should be any judge who believes in the 'living constitution' should be impeached."

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mo? We Ain't Afraid of No Mo!

Sox score 5 in the 9th off Mariano Rivera!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO! What a way to win the first game!
Here's a great little piece on the Yankee search for a new closer after today's loss. :)
A taste:The decision came after the future Hall of Famer blew his second save in as many days against the team's biggest rival, the World Champion Red Sox, giving up five runs in the ninth, getting battered like a rented mule and ignominiously getting removed from the game in the middle of the inning, the fourth consecutive time he has blown a save to the Red Sox dating back to the 2004 ALCS. Fans at Yankee Stadium even booed the great closer on his way back to the dugout, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Yankee fans are headed to hell.

Shootout at the Florida Corral

Soon, I hope, I will be allowed to carry my Colt .45 and challenge some punk on the street. OOOOOOO...what if I feel threatened in school? Could I use force against a student???
Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday he intends to sign a bill that would allow people who feel threatened -- even on the street or at a baseball game -- to "meet force with force" and defend themselves without fear of prosecution.

The measure, the top priority of the National Rifle Association in Florida this year, passed the House 94-20 on Tuesday. It had already passed the Senate.

On Liberal Bias

A letter to the editor from the Gainesville Sun, reacting to the Washington Post account of a study demonstrating so-called 'liberal bias' in academy. It raises the question, really, of who watches the watchers...An excerpt:
oward Kurtz's article on the "liberal bias" in academia ignores a few important facts about the study.

First, the study appears in the March issue of the Forum, an online political science journal funded by the Randolph Foundation, a right-wing group that has given grants to such ultra-conservative organizations as the Independent Women's
Forum and Americans for Tax Reform.

The leading researcher of the study, Robert Lichter of George Mason University, used to work for the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute and has a long history of calling things "liberally biased."

About the only thing missing from the study, apparently, was the perspective of Brent Bozell!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More for the Collection

I got my Bill 'Spaceman' Lee autographed ball in the mail the other day. :) That gives me
1. Bill Lee
2. Carlton Fisk
3. Dewey Evans (Greatest Right Fielder in Sox history!)
4. Jason Varitek
5. Johnny Damon
6. Jim Rice
7. Nomar Garciaparra
8. Jimmy Piersall (on a cap)
Next up, hopefully, are Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield, both in the planning acquisition stages. :)

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture!

EDF 3514: History of Education, Tuesdays Periods 8 and 9, Thursdays Period 8

I will be teaching my first ever college class at the University of Florida to undergraduates in the College of Education this fall. I am very excited and very nervous, and it should be interesting to see how I juggle it with teaching high school and taking classes at the same time.



(Damn, don't I sound like one of my unreconstructed students!)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Catholics in Hell?

Over the past few years, the relationship between Catholics and Evangelicals has gotten closer, as they share a social outlook in certain areas like gay marriage. This Globe article, however, should give pause to any right-thinking Catholic. Here, my Catholic bretheren, is what some evangelicals think of us:
Like many evangelical congregations, Hope Church is nondenominational. Its members include former mainstream Protestants as well as one-time Catholics ''who now are Christians," Michael says. ''The Catholic religion? I'm not too sure that Jesus is a big, integral part of that."

The article goes on to say that this family, and the church they attend, believes that all, even the most virtuous, non-Christians are going to hell. That includes Catholics.
Are these the people that we embrace as followers of Christ? My own nephew once asked me why I wasn't Christian, because his mother had become a Baptist and told him Catholics (her old branch!) were not true Christians.


GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Wells, former Yankee and newest starter on the World Champion Boston Red Sox, opens tonight on the mound versus the Evil Empire. From the Boston Globe.


Rest in Peace, Karol Jozef Wojtyla. The Roman Catholic Church will never be the same.
I guess I should say a prayer at church for His Holiness. Would that be hypocritical, if I haven't stepped foot in a Catholic church in years?
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